Saturday, May 08, 2010


Funny thing ~ sometimes you feel like you've done nothing all week and yet when you stand back and take a good look ~ you surprise yourself!!
Not a hugely prolific week by any stretch of the imagination, but nonetheless I did manage to get a few things finished.

These last two pendants were intended for a lovely lady in Iowa to choose from.
The only slight problem is the magenta glass came in a lot lighter than the previous batch, so I'm not too sure how either will go. (???)

I am running very late tonight as you can probably guess ~ it is WAAAAY past my bedtime.
That's what you get for gas bagging with the neighbours!!
I'm off to bed now ~ so goodnight all :^)

**Just before I go though ~ this has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with my artwork at all, but earlier I was talking to my sister about when she had a very brief go at Polymer clay.
She doesn't even remember making these, but this is the only sole surviving one of a pair. I'm guessing it must be somewhere in the vicinity of 30/35 years old. It was once white and grey ~ olden days varnish did go very yellow...
See ~ I'm a true Cancerian and a big hoarder!!!! LOL.


Anonymous said...

I think I'd better stick to leadlighting!

lynette said...

LOL!!! they were cute in their day!!