Friday, April 30, 2010


I made a comment on Facebook the other day about going with the flow ~ I was referring to sitting and playing engraving :^)
This is a slightly out of focus, terribly glary, weird coloured picture of what I was doing. I had a great old time. But I'm sure you'll get the drift.
This was before I burnt my hand and mucked up the rest of the week. I don't think full moons like me very Actually it was totally my own fault ~ rushing, tired, not thinking straight and I went to wipe some crumbs off the glass hot plate. Well, what Wally had just used it to cook dinner?? What can I say? Brain dead and born blonde!!!! LOL..
I won't repeat what I did say but basically ~ OUCH!!

These next pictures are all orders.
You know who you are :^)

That's it for now...all going well there will be a few pictures tomorrow sometime..
Just waiting for the kiln to go off and then an early night I'm thinking....

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