Monday, April 26, 2010


These are the eight pieces that started at auction yesterday morning.
Only one of these has no engraving, all the others have a little or a lot :^)
It seems to be a week of mostly larger pieces, the smallest one I have listed is the second one here and even that is nearly 40mm in diameter.

These next two will be getting remade for me I think!! The purple and aqua triangle is pretty big but I just love it and the one with all the bubbles is really pretty and will go with quite a few tops I have.

This next one, for some reason reminds me of Southwestern style artwork, not my personal colours but I'm really pleased with how it came out! The collage pendant is another one with lots of layers and truckloads of depth.

The soft purple and golden yellow piece is really simple, but gorgeous ~ the yellow is shaded, it's not just a plain colour. And the last one you've seen before :^) Wired up with Argentium silver and the colours are just soooooooo rich!!

That's it for now ~ back before the end of the week with a few custom orders ~ I'm hoping the kiln gods will be kind!!

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