Friday, April 09, 2010


Not quite as late as last week posting my pictures, but I really thought I had done them!!
I think I am definitely suffering from C.R.A.F.T or maybe just C.R.S. lol...
Memory? What memory? Nothing even vaguely resembling that here!!
I think I just need an early night or ten :^)

These are the pieces that are finishing this coming Sunday morning.
I'm very happy with how these ones have worked.
I'm loving the new flower murrine I got in. Stay tuned for more to come ~ I'm waiting on the postman to bring me more tiny treasures. Only problem ~ post out of Europe is nowhere near as speedy (ha ha) as that from the U.S. What is it they say about good things coming to those that wait??

The "happiness" pendant with the rows of little bubbles was an engineering triumph ~ it doesn't always work this well. I really love the colour of this one too. Funny that it just happens to be purple!!

The engraved piece in the pastel aqua greens was a pleasant surprise ~ this is using some of the new glass I just got in ~ the colours are waaaaaaaaaay off what they are supposed to be, but I think I love them more!!

My favourite would have to be my engraved triangle. This was originally going to be a competition piece ~ but it didn't get finished in time and we had a few "design choices" to make along the way!! An online jewelry making friend coined those words ages ago ~ there are no mistakes or accidents ~ they're design choices!! I thought it was great at the time ~ still do!! Thanks Dianne :^)

That's my lot for now ~ just after 9.00pm here and I'm absolutely knackered, so I think I'll trundle off to bed.
Back tomorrow sometime with more pics :^)

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