Saturday, April 03, 2010


Not a hugely prolific week for me this week, but I did manage to get a few things done :^)
As you know my competition piece is finished and uploaded, I managed to salvage (quite well I think) the one I stuffed up and my pieces are made (but not listed yet) for eBay.
I have ordered pendants "in the works" ~ just waiting on the glass grinder and another firing.
Unfortunately I couldn't get that done this week as "someone" who shall remain nameless was home most days and does NOT like the noise I make when I am using said grinder!!
I'm hoping for a clear run next week!!
These are the others I managed to get done.

One of these pick~up stix pendants is for an order, just not too sure which one yet..
The first colour combo here is much richer and deeper than the photos.
The orange and gold are pretty true to colour ~ on my monitor at least :^)
And the last colour combo are with some new colours I have just got in. A very pretty sparkly aqua and the prettiest pastel green.
All of these pendants have matching rectangular earrings.

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