Monday, May 28, 2007

New Site - first sale!!!!

Well, I've started a new site (actually a Vstore) on Oztion and this morning I woke up to find I'd had my first sale.....
How excitement!! LOL..
Only a small sale, but a sale nonetheless :^)
My store is called Copper Magik and at this stage all I'm looking at having is copper, copper and more copper.
It's unbelievably difficult to get solid copper beads here in Oz, so I thought this was a great idea! All most places have on offer is plated copper and it breaks down too quickly and leaves you with ugly!
Time will tell I s'pose :^)
At the moment I don't have much stuff listed - just some beads, clasps and bead-caps, but I'm hoping to add things like head-pins, copper shapes & whatever little beauties I come across in my travels. Half the fun is just trying to find these things!

I must admit I am VERY lucky in having a wonderful friend in the U.S. who has helped me immensely in sourcing these items Thank-you wonderful friend :^)

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Anonymous said...

Right back atcha!
Blessed to be your wonderful friend!