Sunday, May 20, 2007


This is my offering for this week.
My pond (if you use a LOT of imagination), like many of our waterways here, has blue/green algae, frog spawn and goodness know what other murky delights!! This is a dichro cab that I made ages ago.
I have made a netted bezel for this one with 26 gauge sterling wire. The starting framework for the back was done in 20 gauge, with a bit of gentle hammering to give it some rigidity.
It was a bit on the fiddly side, but nowhere near as much a PITA as doing viking knit with 24g. like my week 16 piece. Tiny little 3mm peridot swaros finish off the edge.
So far this only has a simple wrapped loop at the top, because it is going to become a strung necklace, when I have a bit more time.
Not the best photos in the world (actually they're shockers!), but I think it'll give you a basic idea :^)

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