Monday, May 28, 2007


Not a huge offering from me this week - I am struggling (in vain it seems) to complete a competition piece.
On top of that I've been having major network dramas!
I can access some sites, but not all the ones I need to - I haven't been able to get into CWJ or the Aussie Beading forum for ages.
I actually got into CWJ yesterday, but couldn't log in. I could get into YOJ, but couldn't post a comment. And, just about every second email I sent was getting returned - unable to be sent - GGGRRRR!

My little oasis of calm came with constructing this neckpiece.
I seriously love the idea of these bails.
From the most recent edition of Step by Step Wire, here is my version.
18 gauge sterling wire on braided black leather. Coiled 20gauge ends and a hand-made 'S' clasp.
Same neckpiece - 2 different pendants.
It has been LOS'd, but you can't really tell from these photos.
Oh yeah - my glass too.

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Anonymous said...

mmmmmm, just love the pinks and black! It looks great. J