Wednesday, November 15, 2006


This week has been a busy one - which is all good!
Heaps of orders on the go - some actually finished just waiting to be collected. Others, in varying degrees of done!
My piece for this week is another piece of my fused glass which is supposed to represent a goddess type figure.
DH doesn't "get" why I want to make blob shaped squashed marbles! lol. Then he reprised his opinion and said it looked like a squashed Xmas beetle. Although to me, she looks a bit more like a demented freddo frog!
You just have to have a good
I have fused a fine silver spiral in her belly and a small ring to hang her from.
For the neck-cord I have borrowed rather heavily from Angie (weirdlywired) and her week 51 piece from last fsoj. Hope that's OK (?) This is braided leather on which I have wrapped 2 pieces of 18g SS wire around and it is finished with coiled end caps (thanks for the help with those Angie - they worked!!) and a hand-made "S" clasp.

This next piece is one of my orders. Similar neck-cord, hung with a pendant made in the same way as my celtic drop earrings from week 9 last season. I also made matching earrings. Not the greatest picture in the world - at the bottom of the pendant is a big chunky coral bead.

I also made a pair of earrings to go with my "mixed metal" piece - again from last season. I think these are really cool and I love the idea that they are different (just wish it had of been MY idea!) This is them below.

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