Thursday, November 23, 2006


I'm just a squidgy bit late this week - depending on where you live I s'pose.
I finished this pendant 3 days ago, but was only able to get a piccie today. I have a really good idea for the chain (maybe!) - but it will have to wait until I have a bit more time for some serious torching!
This was an easy one for me this week.
My star sign is cancer. Symbol - the crab. Metal - silver. One of my gemstones - pearl.
This sort of made itself! I wish more ideas came to me this easily!!
The basic frame of my "crab claw" is 16 gauge sterling, hammered just a bit to give it some strength.
The weaving and wrapping is all 28 gauge silver, the little baby beads are 2mm and the fw pearl (actually a very pale green) is about 10mm.
The overall length is about 58mm (roughly 2 + 1/4"), so it's not exactly tiny!


Eowyn said...

Oi, that is absolutely gorgeous! I wish I had your imagination :D

jennhy said...

excuisite SIL, so unique x

Anonymous said...

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