Thursday, November 09, 2006


I have had quite a few major turning points in my life, to the the extent that sometimes I forget where I am or which direction I'm supposed to be
This piece does not really have anything to do with a "Turning Point" - more like a slight tangent off to one side, causing me to discover if I really don't like something I CAN pull it to bits and re-do it.
Some may remember a piece I did in the last fsoj, I was never 100% happy with it, so I pulled it to bits and remade some of it. I'm still not really happy with this either (and will probably pull this to bits too), but in the interest of not falling way behind again I thought I would post it anyway. Time is a bit of a luxury to me at the moment as I seem to have heaps on my plate right now - which is great, I love it when I'm busy - I seem to work better!!!
This piece is nothing flash or fancy - just sterling silver and glass beads.

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