Monday, November 06, 2006


I'm not really on theme this week, although this does look kinda old. To me it almost has a "Deco" feel to it.
It's been a strange week, and I feel like I qualify for the theme myself at the moment, although I think you'd only put me in "vintage"
I finished this on time (after re-doing the centre bit twice), then the camera died, so hadn't been able to get a piccie until now.
The framework is done with 18g. sterling and then wrapped with 28g. I have used 4mm & 6mm onyx beads and one Bali silver bead in the middle. A small length of cable chain and a hand-made "s" hook finishes it off.
I LOS'd it, then spent ages trying to get most of it off! Ooops - mixed it up a bit too strong - black in about 3 seconds!!

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