Wednesday, September 13, 2006


WAHOO!!! - I'm not late this week!!
This is another one of those no matter what I do photos, it still looks like cwap! So for that I apologise..
This piece is not particularly clever, but it is a sort of copycat!!
Ages ago I bought a book called Making Wire Jewelry, and in it is a pattern called daisy chain, which I am rather fond of. Then, about 2 weeks ago I received 2 old copies of lapidary journal from a very kind soul on CWJ (thank you Wendy) and saw this gorgeous pair of earrings by fellow FSOJ member Dianne/faeriiidust. This is based on a combination of these 2 things.
The pendant bit is 18g. sterling wire coiled around 2 satay skewers. I have used 8mm freshwater pearls and little 2mm sterling beads. I wanted this to be a fairly uncluttered piece - so it is very simply strung & has a toggle clasp at the back.

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