Saturday, September 23, 2006


WAHOO!!!!! We made it!
Looking back thru the blog is an awesome experience - what an extraordinary body of work we have made - something I think we should all be pretty proud of :^)
52 weeks has absolutely flown by - hasn't it?
For my final piece for FSOJ I wanted to try and incorporate some of the new things I have learned this last 12 months. I'm pretty happy with what I came up with, although the photo really doesn't do it justice (this is picture no. 42 - I kid you not!)
The main body is 14g. fine silver. I have hammered this lightly and then balled up the ends with my torch. The wrapping and weaving is done with 26g. sterling & G.F. , the small beads - also in the same metals are 3mm. round. Suspended from this is one of my dichro pendants (with gold painted on and fired) which I have finished with PMC from a syringe. The whole thing is hanging from a 2 in 2 chain using two different size rings interspersed with GF wrapped loops and more sterling beads. A hand-made "S" clasp finishes it off.

This is a better picture of the centrepiece.

And this is a much better picture - at least to give a better idea of colour - of the dichro pendant.

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