Friday, September 08, 2006


This is one of those times - no matter what I tried I just could not get a great photo of this necklace. Blame it on the full moon!
When I thought of misty morning the first thing that came into my head, was a much loved book title - The Mists of Avalon. This is a novel based on part of the Arthurian legend and the magic and myth surrounding just that.
So here is my tribute to the land of Faerie.
The goddess/faerie figure has been wrapped and woven with 28g. wire over an 18g. hammered frame work. Her wings are the most gorgeous coloured kyanite stick shaped beads. These look almost silky IRL. A picture just does not do them justice. I have also used a very pale blue freshwater pearl, pale silvery blue matsunos and Bali silver. This centrepiece is supported by more of the pearls, seed beads and silver - lots more wrapped loops this week too.

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