Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I must admit - I thought the theme for this week was a bit strange - what on earth was I going to do? So after a bit of thinking about it I decided to "go with the flow"...
MOOving on -
Yeah, I know - more glass!
I wanted to try something different with the fusing - no dichro this time. So here's my little "friesan fantasy" (sorry - I couldn't
I have fused into place the framework for the centre section - 16g. fine silver wire runs the whole length of that bit.
Then onto wrapping with 26g. sterling wire..
The chain section is just lots of wrapped loops with black onyx and bali silver.

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Anonymous said...

Hey first of all thanks for the compliment on Flamenco. The blue green stones are tourquoise. Thanks for the feedback.

As I was looking for your blog I saw your neclace for week 49. Love the colors and wire bezel. Great take on the theme.