Sunday, February 26, 2006

Week 22.

Before I go any further - I'd like to apologize for the standard of this picture.....I'll figure it out one day (maybe!). Also, this is way late (sorry) - but things just spiralled out of control this week!
This week the theme was "A home for jewelry when not being worn." I've had the idea for this piece for some time now and thought I HAVE to do this.
Basically all it is - a 12 gauge framework, wrapped with probably 1/2 of all the copper wire in the known universe. It weighs a ton!! I've used 21, 18 & 14 gauge copper. The wires are twisted, bent & tortured into position. I used a jig (first time ever) to do the loopy bits(where the earrings hang), so at least they all match.
Now at least I have a home for some of my earrings....

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