Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Week 21 - part one.

Well, finally back and have access to these pages again.
We had a gremlin last week, but I think it was actually my computer chucking a spaz attack, not here like I thought.
No matter - it's all sorted now, which is the main thing.
OK, on to this weeks entry.
Sometimes things just don't go as planned! I have about 5 pieces on the go (sort of) at the moment, and this was the best I could come up with. Nothing like this weeks theme in the slightest. Star Wars this is not !
Originally I made the centrepiece for a necklace a while ago. My niece's friend saw it & wanted to know could I change it to add some peridot crystals. No dramas - did that, plus earrings, plus hair comb, plus 4 bridesmaids - necklaces & matching earrings. To cut a long story short - off came the peridot bits & back on with CAB swaros. Oh well - them's the breaks!! The centrepiece is a 16g. sterling frame with freshwater pearls & CAB swaros wired into position.

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