Thursday, March 02, 2006

Week 23 - Paradise.

Paradise = Heaven = Nirvana = Bliss!
The happy place in my head when all is right with my world - well, jewellery making anyway......
This week I attempted 2 new things for me and I'm as happy as a pig in mud - 'coz they both WORKED - more or less.
This piece - I've seen heaps of variations of & I believe there is a tute somewhere out there to do this - but I didn't have access to it so this is my take on a ladder pendant. It was actually supposed to be a "chakra" piece, but some dill (?) did it upside down! lol. It has been re-named to a rainbow instead!
I used 16 g for the frame & wrapped the crystals and little silver beads on with 26 g. silver wire.
The second thing I attempted ( spool knitting & soldering very fine wire without it disappearing into a puddle)will become part of next week's offering, when I work out which direction to head with it!

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