Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Entry for October 25, 2005 - Everything Old is New

This is my offering for this week. This is not actually IT, but my second attempt. My first effort lies unfinished in a heap on my workspace! 3 goes at what I was trying to achieve - obviously not in the right mindset - so leave it alone and do something else!!
Quite a long time ago an older lady that I know gave me a couple of crystal necklaces. They were very tatty looking and a bit the worse for wear. They've been stuck in the bottom of an old jewellery box for a looooong time. This was the perfect opportunity for them to see the light of day once more!
What I ended up doing is a very simple 2 strand crocheted necklace. The first row is just a chain stitch with alternating crystals and stickpearls. The second row is freshwater pearls and citrine gem-chips, slipstitched to the first row. It is finished off with 2 crystals on wrapped loops either side.
I am really pleased with the look this piece has - it's sort of modern- old fashioned!

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