Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Entry for November 02, 2005 - Pizzazz

Here is my contribution to this week. Not much pizzazz happening here - I'm having a bit of a let's muck everything up time at the moment. I've got all these great ideas ( in theory!) in varying stages of done sitting on my workspace. Sometimes things just don't happen the way you want them to. Eventually, I'll go back and cull what is usable and hoist what isn't. No point in stressing it - it ain't happening - so leave it alone!
This piece was actually a lot of fun to make - fluffing around with different size jump rings, trying to get a sort of pattern thingy happening, and then whacking 'em all together with the torch!. I actually made the earrings first and then thought that the idea might translate into a necklace.
Three different size rings, burgundy/purple freshwater pearls, tiny facetted black onyx & Bali silver.
I want to play with this ring idea some more - it's good fun!

These are the earrings (well one of 'em anyway!) that match the necklace.

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