Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Entry for October 17, 2005 - Autummn colours

This week being Autumn colours is so un-me. I'm a purple person, but I digress.
About this necklace - A happy accident and left over from other project - bits and pieces.
The original pendant had a bail that was designed to go around a piece of black leather, but as usual old "rough as bags" me got a bit carried away when I was shaping it and it snapped off (not properly annealed) It snapped off in a dead straight line and after the air had returned to a normal colour, I thought what can I do to salvage it? Another jump ring to the rescue! I actually prefer this version to the original, although it has "design limitations". The big bronzey pearls and the little baby ones were left overs from a necklece I made a couple of weeks ago for my niece and the tigereye chips I have no idea - they were just there! Seed beads filled in the gaps. I have crocheted 3 simple chains with assorted bits every 2 or 3 stitches, and have finally figured out a way to finish off the ends so they look half way decent! Quite proud of THAT achievement, it's bugged me for ages the way the ends looked.
I'm quite happy overall with how the necklace worked out and the colours remind me of the Autumn leaves I used to go wading through in the park when I was a kid! (long time gone).

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