Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Entry for October 11, 2005 - Eastern Spice.

Here we are - week 3 already.
This week the theme is Eastern Spice. If you use your MEGA imagination, I almost got there!
The pearls came from China, the onyx probably did too if the truth be known, and if you sort of imagine really hard - the Hill tribe pendant thingy could be like one of those big gong critters you see in old movies - you know, the old emperors court or something!
The reason I've gone off theme this week is these beads are for a design challenge here in Australia and twit that I am I thought it had to be finished this week , so I went like a cut cat to get it done and then realised I was only a MONTH early!
I had it practically finished (totally different) - decided I hated it , out came the sidecutters, pulled it totally to bits and started again! Meanwhile - A day and a half later!! I thought I'd be a bit clever and kill 2 birds etc. Outsmarted myself.
The pendant is onyx, freshwater pearl and swaros wrapped A LA ENI and then the rest was done on 22ga sterling wire to match.
The bracelet is made to match and the earrings are just fairly simple.

This is a close up of the pendant.

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