Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Entry for October 02, 2005 - complementary colours

This is so not" what I was going to do" this week. I've actually started another piece as well, but am having mega hiccups with the damn thing! Oh well, I think there must be something coming up somewhere that's a finish off thingy or gone off on a different planet or something!!!
I mean to say, this has probably been the most nerve wracking stressy weekend of my life.
Super exciting, but stress city as well. Sydney bead & gem show inaugral competition !st place & Best in show. I don't know how any one else does it but I've been a basket case for over a week. I am sooooo happy, so full of it at the moment too, I'm driving HIM nuts. My phone bill's goin' to be a killer!!!
Any way, enough rabbitting on -Here is my piece for week 2 - Complementary Colours - pink & green.
3 shades of pink pearls, pink & AB swaros, peridot gem chips & white stick & potato pearls.

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Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! Makes me think of weddings or debutants (from days gone by)... J