Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Entry for September 25, 2005 - counting my blessings

this is my first foray into FSOJ - counting my blessings.
well, I had all these ideas zooming round my head, and as you do (me anyway) I've gone off on a sort of different direction.
I'll try and explain how this piece came into being - first of all I was sitting, thinking about the theme, my blessings are many - friends, family, relatively good health (most of the time), wealth (not monetary but a wealth of knowledge that is still opening up to me every day). And then I got to thinking how not a lot in this world is FINITE - hence the infinity symbol that I started with as the basis for all of this. The wire wrapping and little beads represent all the twists and turns and obstacles that I have encountered along the way. The three chains link past to present to future, also I have 3 siblings,3 wonderful stepchildren and soon to be - 3 grand children. The stones I have used are rose quartz to symbolize love and harmony, amethyst for it's protective qualities and citrine which is said to bring many good things into our lives.
My photography still sucks- I think I need a real photographer!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love the sentiments of how this piece came about, makes it all the more special... J