Friday, March 22, 2013


Heaps and not much!! LOL.
Still playing with my glass and beads albeit in slow motion at the moment.
I haven't posted any new pictures here for ages but if you'd like to keep up to date with what I have been doing ~ I post new pieces every Sunday morning at 9.00am (Qld. time) on to my Silvermoonlyn Facebook page   I know quite a few of my friends aren't on FB, but it is really quite simple to join if you'd like to keep track of what's happening in my little world of glassy things.

This is the pile of grinding and engraving I have in the works at the moment : 
And this is just one example of how the spotty ones in the lower part of the picture will look when finished :
And the ones on the top right hand side hopefully will end up like this one ~ sort of like little dichroic sugar crystals:

On the home front ~ Gary is up in Mackay working ~ has been since before Christmas and now it looks like we could be on the move soon. Well, we will be on the move, it's just a matter of when and where to!! We have an application in on a house at the moment and fingers are crossed XX XX the Real Estate agent will approve it.  It's a funny old place surrounded by cane fields (toads and snakes for but it is in a perfect spot for Gary for work and downstairs it has a huge big rumpus room that himself says would be absolutely perfect for me to set up as a craft room.  It will be the first time in over 20 years (since we moved from Melbourne) that I would have somewhere at home to be able to create without tripping over everything because it is jammed into such a tiny space!! Fingers are crossed, prayers are being said, I will even make sacrifices to whatever gods I need to so we can get into this house!!  So if you are of a mind ~ keep your fingers crossed for us too please  :)  It would be very hard knowing who to rent to for sure ~ we had some terrible tenants when we rented our unit out ages ago but we are the BEST tenants in the world and I would rent to us if I was on the other side of things! :)
The only thing I am dreading is packing ~ I have sooooooo much stuff even after getting rid of heaps...*sigh*
Anyway, that's about all my news for now ~ off to have a shower and then get stuck into some engraving.

Edited to add ~ that particular house didn't happen so now we are looking, looking, looking.....


NEDbeads said...

OMG!!!!!!! How gorgeous!!! I MUSTmustmustmust have one of the ones that look like sugar crystals!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reserve me one?? :) :) :) I'm in slo mo at the moment, too - wish I could turn up the speed a little. :)

lyn said...

Thanks heaps Nancy!!! I can do that for you :) :)
I need to somehow find second gear ~ if I figure it out the trick to it I'll let you know!! lol.