Saturday, January 05, 2013

happy happy 2013...

YAY!!! 2012 is done and dusted and a New Year dawns.  Well and truly dawned, but as usual I'm a bit behind the 8 ball.  whoops.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas or whatever holiday they celebrate and a great New Year's Eve. 
Ours was a very quiet one, but that's not a bad thing :)
Gary's dad passed away just after Christmas so life was a lot more subdued than normal. We just kicked back and relaxed, ate too much, talked heaps about family and stuff & listened to lots of music.  Gary mucked around on the computer and I mucked around with some beads  :)
A really good idea if you lose someone you love ~ Gary's step sister made a fantastic slide show with a heap of pictures spanning many many years of his dad's life. They showed it at the service and then all the family got copies on CD.  It was brilliant, sort of sad and funny at the same time.  And what a great keepsake to have too :)

The annual clean up and cull has started again and if I'm lucky it'll be done by NEXT Christmas!! lol.  I finally got rid of all my ceramic stuff ~ I truly can't see me getting back to it in this lifetime anyway and what a liberating feeling that was!! Only problem with doing that is I had a bit more spare space ~ for all of 24 glass has arrived and filled it up pretty quickly!! ha ha
No new glass pieces yet, but there are samples of 'new to me glass' in the kiln and I do have some ideas and experiments on the boil at the moment. I'm thinking it will be a couple of weeks at least before there is anything new.
For now, I'm editing photos of cabs and pendants made during the year and will start uploading them to Artfire in the next week or so, attempting to sort out the bomb site that is my studio/work room and in between still playing with microscopic little bits of hollow glass and thread. 

Here's just a few pictures of some recent beady and glass bits.

This necklace is a bit longer than my usual ~ it's about 55cm long and sits just perfectly with a top or sweater with a round neck. The cab is a gorgeous patterned glass in a satin finish. A pretty simple beading style for the necklace part and the cab has been bead embroidered onto a base and then finished with an ultra suede backing.

This is the first necklace I made for the above pendant but I made it too short (approx 42cm) and the graduated beads in the front meant the pendant wouldn't sit right.  I really didn't want to pull it to bits and it looks really nice just by itself so I think I will send it off to a friend of mine who likes to wear her necklaces a bit shorter.  I hope you like it CW  :)

And lastly a pendant I made some time ago that I thought a simple little triangular bail would work with. I like how this came up and I think I may do more pieces like this with the embedded loop.  I just have this on a fine black neck wire but it would also work on something a bit heavier ~ either beaded or a perhaps a heavier chain???????

Now it's time to get moving and get stuck into some more work.

HAPPY THIS YEAR!!!!!   I hope it's a healthy, happy and prosperous one for all of us XX

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