Sunday, April 15, 2012


I have twelve new pendants to share this afternoon. Some of these pieces you may have already seen, minus the screen printed art work now gracing their glossy little faces and minus the bails.
It seems like ages since I've just sat down and glued on bails ~ I suppose three weeks is a long time

These last two pieces are just the most stunning colours, so I decided less was better and left them in all their natural (person made) glory. The blue one has layer upon layer of super sparkly glass and is way more colourful than the picture shows and the pink /lavender one is probably my most favourite multi~layered piece of glass for ages!! If I wore pastel colours it would not be leaving here at all! It truly is a stunner :^)

Also, I have some clearance pieces in my Artfire store if you're looking for a little gift and don't want to spend too much ~ perfect for that last minute emergency. I uploaded quite a few yesterday and they are going fast and furiously ~ which is great! I'm gradually going through my stocks here and as I come across more I will add them in over there.

And now the time has come for a bit of a nanna nap ~ enjoy what is left of your weekend!!

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