Monday, March 05, 2012


I've been out of action for most of this last week but I did manage a few fun days playing around with some new screen printed decals, a bit of wire work and trying out some new glass combos.
I'm very happy with what I came up with, hopefully others will be too :^)

The decals that arrived are made with platinum and/or white and coloured enamels. These are a bit different from what I have seen around and I was rather pleased when they came out of the kiln. For those that may not know, they are fired into the surface of the glass at a pretty high temperature so that they become a permanent part of the piece. These took forever just to get these pics ~ the reflections from the camera were an absolute pain ~ so please take that into consideration when looking at the photos.

These are a couple of pendants that just snuck in ~ ones that weren't completed in previous batches. The deep blue in both of these is waaaaaaaaaay deeper and more violet than a picture would show. Sometimes I really wish I still had my old 35mm camera! Digital ones have some funny little quirks when it comes to getting colours to look "right".

The next six pendants are all using transparent glass I have worked with before, but this time on different coloured backgrounds. The four that I used the red with are absolutely stunning in real life!! I've used either silver, bronze or copper to wrap these.

This last piece started out going to be just a thingammybob to hang off a purse or handbag, but I got hold of some whopper spring ring clasps which are also a great size for a pendant bail, so now it can be either!! Some may remember from ages ago the "window" pendants I made, this is one of those. You can't really tell from the picture very well, but this pendant has an awesome 3D effect. And the emerald green looks fantastic with the antiqued copper!

Now I'm off to the post office, then back to make a ginormous pot of pasta sauce and with any luck I'll get to play with some glass before dinner time!! Fingers are crossed XX XX
Have a fantastic week everyone!!!


Gayle Daley said...

These are just beautiful!!

lynette said...

Thank you very much Gayle :^)

Angie Simonsen said...

They are ALL super duper!!! Those decals will be a wonderful addition to your work!

lynette said...

Thanks Ang!! They're something just a bit different ~ it's fun and a challenge trying to figure out what to do with them :^)