Sunday, January 01, 2012


Well hello everyone and HAPPY HAPPY 2012!!!!
I hope the New Year is everything you are dreaming of.
A year of happiness, good health, good friends and prosperity all around!!

I for one am very happy that 2011 is now behind me and am looking forward to a whole new year ahead! Not dwelling on the past either ~ it's been and gone, done and dusted....
A New Year = NEW opportunities ~ YAY!!!!
Lots of ideas I'd like to play around with and new things actually in the works right now. It's going to be a fun year :^)

And NO New Year's resolutions for me either ~ a waste of time and energy and then you get a case of the guilts. Not going to happen!! I think this little cartoon says it all!! lol...

And the annual Christmas / New Year clean up is well under way. One third done and the biggest mess yet to go (my desk).
Fingers are crossed I will have work space by tomorrow night XX XX

This is a little pendant for a last minute custom order I made in the week before Christmas.
I really like how this worked ~ the bow was a bit tricky to do but worth it in the long run...


Anonymous said...

oh. I never saw this cupcake until now. This is the best one you've done. The others were great, but love love this one. Have u sold it?
AJ Melb

lynette said...

Thank you!!! It was a custom order that "had" to have a bow :^)