Saturday, January 14, 2012


Tons of tiny triangles, a fair bit of wire, a couple of Swarovski crystal hearts and NO kiln gremlins!! A pretty good week I'm thinking :^)

Some may remember the Pick Up Stix style pendant I did ages ago in this shape. I thought I would try it with the little triangles like I use in my wreath pendants. I'm really happy with them ~ I think they worked out great!! The first one has a Heliotrope heart and the second is Vitrail Light.
All wire is sterling.

And some more of the heart shaped wreaths but in much stronger colours than the last lot. They're quite big, but I love 'em!! Hopefully someone else will too :^)

And still more triangles!! Two solid heart shaped ones in different pink/purple combos.

A few of the pendants from the group photo from last week.
The first one is wrapped with oxidised copper and the second is antiqued brass wire.

And this one was a special request ~ what do you think T.M. ? The earrings will be getting done tomorrow hopefully.

And my final piece for this week ~ playing around with some copper, beady bits and a cab I had cut with a channel..

Now I'm off to add the pictures to my facebook page and then grab some more wire and the pliers and have a bit more fun!!
Have a great weekend all!!!


Jan said...

I would love to order one. Please let me know.

lynette said...

Jan ~ I will reply to your notification by email.
Should be there in a second :^)

lynette said...

OK ~ that didn't work ~ shoot me off an email to silvermoonlyn @ bigpond. com (remove spaces) and I'd be more than happy to work out something with you.

Becky Anderson said...

These are so creative! Love them!

lynette said...

Thanks heaps Becky :^)