Sunday, December 11, 2011


Actually that should probably read ~ missing and in oblivion!! LOL.
After my last visit here I fell to bits!
I had an appointment with a skin specialist to get a couple of spots checked out and then the same day a cancellation from the dentist meant I could go to have a back molar taken out ~ sounds like fun doesn't it?
I thought the doctor's visit would just be a consultation. Nope, two great holes on my face from punch biopsies ~ OUCH big time! Those little needles hurt like sh*t!!
Worse part of that is I have to go back tomorrow and have a skin cancer cut out. Blonde hair (used to be!!) blue eyes and fair skin and the sun is NOT a good idea! All those years of 'go outside and play ~ get a bit of colour' have definitely taken their toll. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!! ha ha....
I could have cancelled the dentist but had this really dumb idea if I was going to feel a bit yuck I might as well get it all over and done with in one hit. BAD idea!!! A hero I am not!! A sook I am!!
The dentist visit turned into a marathon effort ~ a surgical extraction and stitches.
I went down in a big way....LOL. I ended up with an abscess where the tooth was taken out and a mega dose of neuralgia up the whole side of my face. All I can say is thank God for Panadeine Forte!!

So the upshot of that is not a lot of work got done.
I do have orders in varying degrees of progress, just not quite finished yet.
The last couple of days I decided to just finish off some pieces I already had fused that were waiting for wire.
This is them :^)

These are all antiqued brass wire and are complete on their own neckwire, also antique brass.
The first one has a tiny dichroic glass bead, the second one Swarovski crystals and the third one is just wire.

Two of the 'bag bling' clip ons ~ both custom ordered pieces. I love these!

Two views of the same piece ~ I haven't decided yet if this will end up as a sun catcher or if I keep going and turn it into a longer length necklace. Wrapped in copper and the most awesome colours in the glass!

And this is one of two sun catchers I also made. This is a really pretty transparent lavender.
The other one (a gorgeous bright orange) had a bit of an accident ~ I dropped something on it, so will have to replace the broken dragon's tear and finish it off sometime in the next couple of days.

this is after the trip to the doctor but before the dentist! I have no idea where that grey hair came from though ~ I could have sworn it was a different colour to this!!
Now I think I'll trot off to bed, another fun day tomorrow ACK!!
Have a great week everyone :^)


marion downie. said...

I just left a small message saying I hope everything is okay. Then I read the story and saw the photo, before it became even worse.When you do things you do it well and truly.I do hope the pain is subsiding and everything removed safely. Luckily I am under a dermatologist (for a few reasons) and fortunately she has frozen a lot off my face/arms/hands legs/neck/back before they became worse,we had no idea when young just what the sun was doing to us.Your work may distract you but don't let it wear you out too much, bye for now Marion

lynette said...

Thank you Marion :^)
If you're going to do something ~ go for broke I say!! LOL. Thanks heaps for the kind thoughts! Lyn.