Sunday, November 13, 2011


A funny old week here ~ it seemed lots was happening and nothing was getting done!!
Truth to tell ~ lots was happening and a little bit got done!!
First of all I'll share a picture you may never see again ~ a tidy work bench. This is the new home of my glass grinder, and for the first time in 5 years (much to "someone's" absolute joy) I have a tidy kitchen bench again. I must admit, it is nice to be able to prepare meals and actually not be super squashy :^) The added bonus ~ I can grind glass in peace without the usual grumbling about the

Twenty new items were added to my Artfire studio this week as well.
All going to plan, another ten will be going in tomorrow sometime.

The new glass order finally arrived and I spent a full day just cutting glass for pendants and earrings. Before I commit the glass to pieces for orders I have to do sample firings to make sure the colours fire up to how they are supposed to ~ sadly, not always the case!
So these are my testing colours and the finished pendants that resulted.
My Art Nouveau leadlight "windows" ~ some may remember similar from a while back.

The next five pieces are new colours in my favourite lightly textured patterned dichro. I'm seriously loving this glass!!!!

A couple of sets, again the new glass in the first one.

This next pendant is the strangest glass I think I have ever used. The picture really gives you no idea whatsoever of what it is like. The glass has had the pattern sandblasted first and then the dichroic coating is added. When you fire it like I have, what you end up with is this gorgeous almost velvety background and slightly raised glossy dragonflies. In this picture it looks just gold, but in real life it shifts colour between green and gold ~ magikal it is!!
And last but not least ~ the beginnings of a "bag bling " piece for a custom order. This one with the initial of the recipient's name. All that is left to do now is add lots sparkling purple (of course) Swarovski crystals on antiqued brass wire and it will be done. And that's where I'm off to now :^)

Have a fantastic week everyone!!! Hoo roo for now....

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