Sunday, October 02, 2011


Another fairly quiet week on the workfront.
I'm just waiting on a new little gizmo to arrive from the U.S. that should make my life a whole lot easier when it comes to grinding glass. At the moment it's slow going because of not being able to hold things properly ~ I'm hoping that will all change pretty quickly!!

These first three pendants do have co~ordinating earrings, they are waiting their turn patiently by the glass grinder. Hand wrought sterling silver bails that have an antique patina applied.

Another heart which was a total surprise when it came out of the kiln ~ the colours changed radically, but I am very pleased with the change :^)
My peace / flower design revisited ~ I'm rather partial to this one!!

My Funky Chicks have returned for a quick visit too. This first one is a bit shorter in length than usual, but she is a pendant this time around. The next two are both brooches. The middle one looks a bit of an odd shape, but that is only because she is leaning to one side because of the pin back.

These next four pictures are all ordered pieces.

And now I'm off to the land of Nod!! It was a 4.00am start here today and I am absolutely knackered!! So good night and have a fantastic week!!

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