Saturday, September 10, 2011


Most of this week was spent doing custom pieces and I'm still going with the spring cleaning, but I did finish some new pendants and two new wired up necklaces.
My first two pieces are fairly simple engraved ones. The shaded glass in the first pendant would not photograph how it looks in real life no matter how many pictures I took ~ it goes from a soft grass green though to a gorgeous peacock with just a hint of blue. This is probably my favourite style of glass to work with ever ~ there are some gorgeous colour combinations. The only one missing from the range of colours is a purple and pink....bummer!!

Two pendants I have wired up ~ the first with Argentium sterling silver, the second with antiqued bronze wire.

Purples and pinks (YUM!!) in multi layered pendants with a glossy finish

To date this is the smallest engraved heart I have done and these are definitely the smallest engraved earrings!! I will do more hearts this size (about 35mm across) but won't be doing earrings quite this small again. They were almost impossible to hold when I was grinding them and I have just about killed one of my fingernails...I was so busy concentrating on what I was doing I wasn't taking a lot of notice of how I was actually holding the glass!! LOL.
This set is for an order.

Another requested set, although the colour change gremlins had a field day in the kiln!! These were going to be predominantly reds and oranges ~ working with fairly high temperatures can be unpredictable to say the least!! So not too sure what will happen with these pieces.

And these last two pictures are the wired necklaces I've been working on . These are just quick pictures ~ I need some sunshine so I can lay them out and photograph them properly.

So now I think I'll grab a quick cup of coffee and then continue adding some new pieces to my Artfire studio. I've just listed 12 pendants and would like to get at least another four or five in before I go to bed :^)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend and for those that are following the footy finals ~ good luck!!


happiness said...

wow these are beautiful Lyn :)

lynette said...

Thank you!! :^)