Saturday, May 14, 2011


These first four pictures are all variations on my Bouquet pendant from a while back.
Different glass this time around and I'm really loving the colour combos!
The first one here is probably my favourite one ~ any combination of purple and lime green will do it for me every time!!

This next purple and silver triangular one is good to go :^)
The stripey one has a channel cut around it and is waiting to be wired up. This is a bit different to most of my pieces in that it is on a transparent background ~ it's a very cool effect!!

These next two are me revisiting a previous design idea. Instead of using silver like I did last time I have used brass and then antiqued it. It's a lovely soft colour with a really nice sheen to it ~ I'm quite liking using this wire all though it is a lot harder to work with than silver or copper.. They're not quite finished yet ~ they need to be really well polished. I'm hoping to sit in the sunshine some tomorrow and get them done.

It looks it will be another early night for me ~ I can barely stay awake.
So goodnight all ~ hope you are having a great weekend!!


Cathy Heery said...

So this is what you've been up to! I love them all of course! but my fave is the dichroic tri squares with the bronze...these all look fantastically marvelously wonderful Lyn!

lynette said...

Thanks heaps Cathy :^)

Anonymous said...

hmmm cant pick which one i love the best.Have to have all of them :)
Definitely some of your best work yet. OK if I have too, a flower one and purple triangle please. xxAJ

lynette said...

Thanks AJ :^)
The purple one has gone already ~ you have your choice of flowers!!

DichroDave said...

Absolutely amazing uses for dichroic glass.. I can't remember ever seeing pendants that look as detailed as yours. How did you make that leaf look??

lynette said...

Thank you Dichro Dave :^)
The transparent and opaque glasses are pieced together and then the green is hand engraved.