Sunday, May 08, 2011


Well, I'm giving it my best shot!!
It feels like forever since I've finished and posted anything and up until a few days ago it seemed like forever since I felt vaguely human!
The intentions were good ones, but unfortunately I went down in an even bigger screaming (almost literally) heap!! It ended up in yet another trip to the dentist :^( Abscesses are not a lot of fun...
Anyway, enough boring stuff ~ I have some pictures to share :^)

Two heart pendants ~ with hand crafted sterling silver bails.
These are both available ~ if anyone is interested, please send me an email or a FB message for details.

These next two pendants are off to their new homes tomorrow morning.
The heart is a variation of my favourite pendant, but done with the initial of it's new owner.
I do have more of these as well, but at the moment can't add the photos to my blog as they are for gifts and they need to reach their new owners first :^)
The gorgeous silvery green coloured one is off to the U.S.

The next eight pendants are also available at the moment.
All have hand painted silver lustre and the last one (which is actually more purple than blue) has two super sparkly CZ's fired into place.

Finally, a pendant and matching earrings for an order. These have come out a bit softer in colour than the original pendant I was asked to see if I could duplicate, but they are just so pretty, I'm hoping they will suit (?)

Now I'm off to do boring mundane "domestic goddess" type stuff for a while and then continue trying to catch up on emails :^)
I hope you're all having a great weekend!!

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