Saturday, March 12, 2011


This week I seem to have a bit of a theme going ~ all of these pendants are shades of purple, two with a touch of contrasting lime green.
With quite a few of the pieces pictured here it seems they have deep blue in them ~ the colour you are seeing is actually a deep violet in real life. This is one of those strange things dichroic glass and the camera does is a very tricky colour to get a good representation of.
The first four are my Batik pendants, full gloss and hand painted with silver lustre.

Four of the Silk'n'Satin pendants.

This next slide pendant is a very soft lavender and white.
The curvy engraved triangle is purely purple with a silvery pink bubble accent.

A custom ordered set for A.J. Fine silver loops fused into place, sterling silver bail on the pendant, sterling silver hooks on the earrings. What looks to be blue here is actually more lavender with a slight blue tint. Of a night time it is all purple :^)

And lastly two pairs of earrings for T.M. to match existing pendants.

Now it's time for me to trundle off to the land of Nod ~ if anyone has any questions or would like any info about any of the above pictures, I'll be back in the morning.
Hope you are all having a great weekend so far!!
Good night :^)

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