Saturday, March 12, 2011


Here are the four dichroic glass pendants I have currently at auction on eBay, these are ending tomorrow morning.
They are a bit (lot) late making it to my blog ~ I really don't know where the time went this week! To whatever little gremlin stole this week from me, can I have it back please??
I went to add these yesterday in between firing kilns and cutting glass and the power went out. From that I ended up having computer issues and now thankfully I am back online. I was just about beside myself wondering what I was going to do ~ funny how dependant we become on technology!!!

This first dimensional pendant has been made so that the chain just slides right on through ~ the colours are incredibly vibrant in real life, the gold almost has a life of it's own!
Next is one of my multi layer, multi glass pieces. The simple bail on this has been hand crafted from heavy gauge gold~filled wire.

My little purple peace crane has a sterling silver bail.
As does my mosaic garden pendant.

All going well and providing the light stays with me, I will be back just after dinner tonight with more pictures.
Have a great weekend!!

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