Saturday, January 29, 2011


I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things!!
I don't think I'll have any time off at all next Christmas ~ boy is it ever easy to get out of a routine!!

These first two pendants are a both a combination of engraved satin and glossy glass with dimensional baby bubbles.

From very hot comes ICY cool ... LOL :^)
The two on the left have sterling silver bails, the top right is a silver plated one and the cross is a custom order to be beadwoven around.

The cabs on the left have yet to be individually photographed and the ones on the right have to have bails or bezels added and then photographed. I'm hoping to get these done in the next few days. I just ran out of time this week.

These next four pieces are ordered ~ IF I have it right!!

And that's it for now from me ~ hope you're all having a lovely weekend!!

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