Saturday, September 11, 2010


A week of trying to play catch up ~ the good news is I'm gradually getting there :^)
Hopefully by this time next week all my orders will be up to date and I can start playing with some of the new glass that I have gradually been accumulating over the last few weeks.
I'm hanging out to have a "serious" play around with it!!

A couple of my little bubble flower pendants, this time on a shaded base with the bubbles slightly different to the norm.

Two more pendants using patterned glass that I have then engraved.
The photos REALLY don't do these justice.

These next four are all along similar lines, but two are dimensional and two have hand painted gold. The first two are smaller than usual (for me) and have pretty small bails and would look best on a chain I think. The colours are stunning!!

The first three here are custom pieces and the fourth one was going to be as well ~ but boy did I get the colours wrong!! Truth be told, I used the colours they were supposed to be and they fired up totally different from the previous shipment.
It's not only knitting yarn that has dye lots!! Very frustrating sometimes.
So I have reordered the glass for it and we'll see what happens next time round.

That's it for now :^)
If I get a chance tomorrow I'll be back with some pictures of the most amazing beadwork using some of my glass.
There are some VERY clever and VERY patient people in this world :^)

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