Sunday, September 12, 2010


I just had to share these pictures with you :^)
A little while back I sold some dichroic glass cabochons to a lady that does some amazing beadwork. Well, she sent me some 'work in progress' pictures the other day.
It is amazing to me the patience and skill she must have to do this type of work!
The cabs she got were great colours, but nothing out of the ordinary really.
They have been taken to new heights!!!!
I apologise in advance ~ I lost a bit of colour and resolution in the uploading process, but I'm sure you'll see what I mean.

These are really beautiful!!!

From this :

To this :

And then from this one :

To this:


michael said...

That is incredible bead work. Perfect choice of colors to offset the glass and executed flawlessly. On a scale from 1-10 she gets a 12. And with an unlimited source for glass there is no limit to what you girls can invent. Whatever awards are out there you both are winners!! Go forth into the world and create!

weirdlywired said...

She took your glass (which is amazing on its own) and went to a whole new level!! I HATE working with seed beads, but these are pretty inspiring pieces! WOW!

lynette said...

Thanks guys :^)
She's definitely done an awesome job!!
@Ang ~ it certainly does raise them to a whole new level, as does what you have done with them in the past with your wirework too!!

Glen said...

Good morning Michael & Angie - I'm the obsessed beader behind this beadwork. Thank you for such positive feedback. I have to say though that Lyn's cabs are exceptional and they would look fantastic however they were presented. I have been looking for a good source of dichroic cabs for such a long time and was introduced to Lyn's work recently by a friend. I can't believe my luck that I have found such stunning glass cabs AND almost in my backyard. I think there will be a steady flow of cabs from Lyn's place to mine for some time to come. I just love the colour explorations that dichroic cabs provide.