Wednesday, September 01, 2010


These are the six pieces currently at auction on eBay.

Another little millifiore bouquet ~ this time a circular one.
A black, white and silver heart that is engraved just a touch Art Deco.

The glass in this curvy fan shape is full of colour ~ much more than shows in the photos.
This next one is in very 60's colours. Shades of Pucci or something like that with the bright fluoro colours. I love these colours together!

Those that live here would probably recognise a pine/lime splice. My favourite summer ice cream...YUM :^)
And lastly a pair of palm trees on a hot summer's night or maybe the pre~dawn coloured sky (?)
The background glass which looks very orange and red actually reflects a plummy purple ~ I think this my favourite glass at the moment!!

It's the first day of spring ~ YAY!!
Time to banish those winter blues for another year ~ even bigger YAY!!

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