Saturday, August 28, 2010


I don't have many new ones this week, but the ones I do I am rather partial to :^)
I have been playing around with vivid colours in plain art glass, with just a wee touch of dichro.
With spring just around the corner I thought these would be pretty cool. Bright and fresh and a little bit of fun.

This last lime one has a bit of a hiccup just below left of centre ~ not too sure what happened (??) but it is reduced in price.

A couple of my engraved bubbles pendants.

This next one is not the greatest picture in the world, but it's a really gorgeous shaded colour.
And lastly, this one also has a couple of hiccups ~ between the silver and cobalt wiggly stripes, but they are not really that noticeable in real life. I have also reduced that one.

Off to get dinner organised ~ hope you're having a wonderful weekend!!

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