Monday, April 19, 2010


Here are this week's pieces up for auction.
I would quite happily keep and wear everyone of these pendants!! Not all at the same time
I think these first two are my absolute favourites.
I love how the "window" pendant worked out ~ it's a huge buzz when you have an idea in your head and it comes out just how you saw it :^)
And orange would probably be up there with my least favourite colour in the world ~ but I seriously LOVE this piece! The colours and depth are just amazing. It would look stunning with black.

This little rectangular piece is with some of the new sparkly crinkle glass ~ roooly pretty.
The curvy copper triangle is very elegant & understated ~ yet still very much dichroic glass :^)

The black, white and silver is much more dramatic "for real" ~ you get a better idea with the picture (in the eBay listing) held in my hand ~ it's truly amazing what a difference natural daylight makes.
These colours in the green one are very vibrant for real ~ they look great together.

I really love how sparkly the Glacier one is ~ 'tis very bright "for real" and the size makes for high drama too!
And lastly the Fantasy Garden ~ totally different colours to my previous version ~ I look at this and see an underwater fantasy, like the little critters in a coral bed.

*just a little note ~ for those that are waiting on orders, everything is in varying degrees of done. Losing a couple of firing days last week mucked me up bigtime and I'm hoping to get them all finished this week. That's the plan anyway :^)
Have a great week!! I'm aiming for the same!!

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