Saturday, April 17, 2010


It was a funny week this week ~ HEAPS of great ideas, lots of them down on paper so I don't forget, some orders finished and others half done, a few experiments tried, but not a great deal actually finished.
What seriously threw a spanner in the works was not being able to use the kiln!! After nearly four years of being fired on an almost daily basis ~ some of those days 2 or 3 times, we had to get the kiln doctor to come and perform a bit of minor surgery. I'm VERY happy to say the patient has recovered well.
Just as well too ~ I was going nuts!! It's really funny how you get into a routine of sorts and when something mucks it up you lose all semblance of sanity!!

Some engraved pendants...

A couple of pairs of Pick Up Stix earrings ~ there are more cut that should have been fired!!

And playing around with weaving glass :^)
The first one is a simple over and under weave around the border ~ this one has a few stray sparkles from the silver where they shouldn't be!
And the second one was pretty complex to set up ~ I'm not 100% with how this worked, but I know exactly where I need to alter a few things so that it will work how I want it too.
If you are on Facebook, have a look at my list of friends and have a look at Darriel Fisher's pictures ~ he is a master at weaving glass and this is where the idea (with his blessing) came from.
I will probably turn these into fridge magnets...

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