Friday, March 12, 2010


A few quick pictures this morning.
There should be more coming tomorrow, it just depends on the weather!
It's as black as the ace of spades here, very windy, raining and quite cool ~ not very conducive to taking great pictures.

This first two multi layered ones are both on a blue base and are much more colourful in real life ~ they shift to a gorgeous magenta ~ sooooo pretty.

A couple of engraved ones with CZ's added ~ and yes, yet another rainbow :^)

These next four are something I have been playing with. They are very much like some hand painted batik that I have here. A couple painted with 22kt gold and a couple with white gold lustre. It's a very cool effect...well, I think so :^)


Anonymous said...
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weirdlywired said...

again...I can't remember what the hell my original comment was, but at his point, I just need to go to bed!
Your work ROCKS!!!!!!