Tuesday, March 09, 2010


These are the eight pieces I have at auction on eBay at the moment ~ finishing Sunday morning.
If you look at the pictures in my actual listings for these, you will see in the third picture I am holding each one in the palm of my hand.
I did this so you could get a better idea of what they are like in natural daylight and as a bonus (which never occurred to me at the time ~ thank you to those that brought this to my attention!!) you get a much better idea of the size of these without having to resort to a ruler or tape.
I have done this on occasion in the past when I couldn't really get a great shot of what the piece really looked like, but from now on I think I will do it with all of my auction pieces.

On to my listings :^)
The first two are both slide pendants ~ this is a great way to get bigger (sometimes heavier) pieces without worrying about bails falling off. I will play more with these ideas!

And then a couple of my multi~layered ones. These pieces, no matter what I do ~ always look waaaaaaay better "for real". The depth and the colour shifts in these are gorgeous.

This first one, I was just playing with different techniques on the same piece ~ I love how this worked out. And the next one I have called Confetti, is similar to a little dimensional one of the same name I did ages ago, but this time I have taken it to a full fuse. It's really cool!!

And my last two offerings this week ~ both hand engraved. I am wrapt with how both of these came up :^) These two, you will see a marked difference with the photos taken in daylight!!

That's it for now ~ Off to cut some glass, just for something different..lol.

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