Monday, March 01, 2010


These are this week's auction pieces.
This first one is quite bright and bold (&BIG!), the second one was supposed to be black and all silver ~ this is one I mucked up with the colour ~ but I love the subtlety of the soft aqua.

Complementary colours with the green and pink.
"Lasseter's Reef" so named because of the rich red layers of earth with the veins of gold. According to Gary, that is just me waxing lyrical..he thinks I'm nuts :^)

The fan shape is a huge favourite and the colours are "me".
The deep aqua bubbles are just gorgeous ~ I love this effect and haven't done it for a while ~ there could very well be more on their way.

How many ways can you do rainbows? HEAPS!! I love trying the same/similar colours and seeing where each different one goes :^)
And the very last one ~ my abstract flowers ~ is a strange pendant. Quite subdued colours with 3 little millifiore pieces and hand painted gold. It has an almost "olde worlde" look to it. I really love this piece. It would make an awesome cab in some sort of frame too. Hey J.A. can you see what is peeking out behind my hand?? lol...

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