Saturday, February 27, 2010

These first two pieces are "by request" ~ both very similar. Hopefully one of them will have a new home soon :^)

The colours in this next one are amazing.. and the butterfly one has a bit of a "hiccup" (not that noticeable IRL) so is a bit less than it would normally be.

This first one is stunning for real! A very rich blue base and then a clear glossy top with the gorgeous soft satin pink hand etched glass.
The second one is also a "by request" although it should have been more blue. Sometimes that's just the nature of this glass though ~ cut from identical pieces and colours and yet they fire different every other time! Sometimes VERY frustrating!!

I do have more pieces made but have not been able to finish doing the photos ~ it's as black as the ace of spades here ~ not good for photography or editing. Hopefully they won't be too far away ~ the next day or so (?)
Off to make dinner now ~ any questions I'll be back a bit later :^)

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corra said...

Those are really color for spring, wonder how long will it take to compose all these beads! Really nice!